(humble) pride

pride is a complicated word, which we have traditionally heard in two very different versions, how proud you are, how proud I am of you, one very negative, the other very positive,
it is clear that we want to rescue and keep the more positive version of the two, and we encourage you to think of an improved version, which we call healthy pride, or humble pride, a curious oxymoron,
a quality or virtue that is the basis of our self-concept, of our self-confidence, which can lead to a firm, strong stance in life, a powerful stance, who doesn’t want to feel that sense of security and confidence in their own abilities in the face of the difficulties they surely have to face?
This capacity, when it is healthy, can be translated into a glorious phrase, I am the lemon pear, a phrase that condenses the re-knowledge of a life path, only I know what it has cost me to get here, only I know what I have had to leave on the way, what it has cost me to develop this capacity, the times I have failed, the times I have felt that this journey had no meaning or end, that is why today I feel proud of what I am, of what I feel, of what I transpire through every pore of my skin,
and many times I also need to tell in words, I simply need to share it, because it doesn’t fit inside me.
This emotion, which always begins with two words of power, I am, when it is healthy it opens to another greater reality, I am the lemon pear, I am, yes, and you must be the lemon pear too, I re-know you, but this journey is already part of another emotion, and of another capacity, the understanding of the greater eco-system, of which I am a part, and to which together we can contribute.

the path of consciousness