if we understand resilience as the capacity of human beings to withstand adverse circumstances, to not give in when the external reality seems to crush us, to not bend the knee and give up, we are doing well, everything seems to indicate that it is a quality to develop in times of turbulence,
beyond perseverance, so necessary to develop a personal or professional project in life, to work day by day in pursuit of a goal that we develop, with renewed commitment, to cover a plan.
resilience is a quality that allows us to connect with a positive and determined attitude, necessary in the face of adversity,
that gives us epic battles,
as it happens with King Leonidas in 300 (biopic that narrates the battle of Thermopylae),

we will resist to the end of our strength,
with that unbreakable attitude, we lose the battle, but we win the war,
and the image flies all the way to the survivors of Nazi concentration camps,
to Victor Frankl, father of logotherapy, author of «Man’s search for meaning»,

to that phrase of St. Francis of Assisi – I need few things and the few things I need I need little – or to the fable of the plate with the «I need little», the «I need little».

or to the fable of the dish of lentils narrated in the Bible, a story between two brothers, Jacob and Esau.
We travel among images that speak to us of resistance, with the Mothers of May in the face of the Argentine dictatorship, with Nelson Mandela, resistant in prison, with Victor Frankl, survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, with Rafael Nadal, that tennis player who you have to beat one point and another, because he is not going to give you anything, with Saint Francis of Assisi, friend of animals and nature and of the simple life.

Perhaps you have other images that speak of that attitude that has a lot to do with perseverance in this journey that is so interesting and sometimes arduous, which is life.
… or with that plate of lentils and that simple life, and trust in providence, another way of calling that abundant universe that unfolds around us.

trust, what is most vital to exist will come to you.

the path of consciousness