in the journey of life we get a bit lost, and it takes us a while to get back to the authentic being that we are, maybe that’s why we are struck by all those people who are so different from others and so similar, or so they seem to themselves, because we can deny them bread and salt, but there are a couple or three people out there who are slightly different, very much their own,
very much their own, and I don’t know why the unequal clothing brand «desigual» comes to mind without thinking about it.


And it’s very amusing to see how in authenticity you find the simienT of difference, also of diversity.
Who is more authentic for you, Nole Djokovic or Rafael Nadal, Mourinho or Pep Guardiola, Javier Clemente or Johan Cruyff, Rowling or Tolkien, Corín Tellado or Estefanía, Dalí or Picasso, Harry Potter or Valdemort, Gil y Gil or Gil’s horse, Paulo Coelho or Saramago, Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge McDuck?
at some point we engage with the unique being that we are, with our authenticity, maybe later we can answer that double question that awaits us on the way,
Who am I?
What is my Work?
In the meantime, congratulations, here we go, walking,
wayfarer, we wish you well on your way.

the path of play and enjoymenT