nobility is a word that encloses or includes another more popularly used word, honesty, and speaks of being a healthy adult … and well, perhaps nobility is more of an image of a person with potential, the nobles generally were, and honesty is the same among the common people, so you can keep either of the two, whichever you like best,

or with that word that for you represents the same thing, to be a healthy adult… and well,

if we go to the popular imaginary, perhaps we come into contact with this royal characteristic, typical of kings at the service of the people, the hero at the service of the people and the common good.

Who is noble in our times? Who leads the fight for the good, with the best of intentions?

Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Father Vicente Ferrer, Otto Scharmer

Luke Skywalker, the Star Wars hero, Indiana Jones, the intrepid investigator who has his own particular crusade against the Nazi empire in the Second World War, the fox, Robin Hood, the English nobleman who steals from the rich to help the poor, while waiting for the return of his king, or perhaps John XXIII, the good pope.

Our particular list also includes Vicentre Ferrer, or Otto Scharmer.

As phrases, or popular sayings, we start with this one,

do good and don’t look at whom,

I’m sure you can think of a couple more.

the path of conciousness