with selfishness it happens to us as with pride, they are words that have an important negative charge, so we have to dive into the other side of the traditional definition.
Although there are exceptions, and we recognise that we can be wrong, we have been brought up with the idea that selfishness, looking out for oneself, is bad. We should always look out for others first.
If you have received this education, although it may bother you in the first instance, we would like to propose that you do a test, and reverse the order, and look in the first instance for yourself.
Why and what for?
Basically so that you can re-construct from within yourself how life works, because nobody can give what they don’t have, and it is very difficult to give to others re-knowledge if I don’t first re-know myself, it is very unhealthy to listen to the needs of others if I don’t listen to my own needs, I put them aside or simply, worse, much worse, I don’t know them. It is impossible to give the other people around me love if I do not love myself.
Because life is like a boomerang, the ball goes to the frontón… and comes back, as my maternal grandfather’s mother used to say.

Other associated sayings, even more terrible, are the following,
he who kills with iron, dies with iron.
he who spits at the sky, falls from the sky.
and somewhere along the way we have forgotten that I hit the ball with the spade or the hand, that I kill with the iron or the sword, and that it is I who spit.
What is it in me that makes me behave outwardly like this?
If you want to try selfishness in reverse, you can start right now, putting yourself at the centre of your world, taking care of yourself, loving yourself, giving yourself a gift, pampering yourself with a smile and a hug, you are the most important person in your world.
When you are well, you first, your outer world will reflect your precious inner world.

little mirror, little magic mirror, who is there in this world more important than me?
triangular note:
if you look at this mirror, triangular, maybe you relate it to the 3ple path, hopefully healthy selfishness will help you to develop a healthy self-esteem, fundamental (starting) capacities for a healthy relationship with others.

always remember how difficult it is to care for others when you yourself are not well.

the path of play and enjoyment