What is more innocent than a newborn child, a person without evil, he believes everything he is told, everything is possible in his mind, there are no limitations in the field of possibilities?

En la película animada de Disney de 1967, el oso Baloo era un fanático de la fruta, la miel, y las hormigas.

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Mowgli, the child of the jungle, the expression of innocence. He has had no human references to tell him what he should and should not do, what he can and cannot do… he is only governed by the rules of nature, what mother nature gives, nature?
Luke as a child/young man = Innocent, believes all is good, goodness, knows no evil and is skilled with machines, not with people.

Tarzan, the king of the jungle, another example of a natural child growing up without the conditioning of an adult being, an elder to follow and imitate.


Perhaps we can evoke other images of innocence, people who maintain it in their lives as older people, do you remember Forrest Gump?

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