awe, also known as astonishmenthhhhhhh, that reaction to the unexpected, the marvellous, the new, the simple, the precious,
the ability to recognise the «causalities» of life, or are they gifts that life brings us, are they gifts from the director or are they gifts from the producer, who is directing this film, if not me?

In some sense to be amazed is to appreciate and value as important what is being, what life gives us through our senses, sight, touch, smell, through our other senses, the sense of movement, of balance, of humanity, of humility, how many senses do we have, no doubt many more than five, don’t you think?
What awakens in you that curious sensation of «it can’t be»?

Is it a magic trick? is it a baketball slam dunk? is it a feat by an extreme athlete from the Red Bull team? is it the earth seen from outer space? is it a record in the Ginness book of idem?

at one point along the way we are amazed at the wonder of being alive, and we also connect with the small, with the stones on a beach, all so different and so beautiful, with a stick in the shape of a Greek Y, the letter with which these two words begin and end together, palindromes, Yo soY, which read the same backwards and forwards and the other way round,
with a row of ants, with the flowers that come out again in spring, with the song of a goldfinch, the flight of the swallow, which nests again as it did last year in the hole above the living room blinds, the life that renews itself, we marvel at the shape of a snowflake, the continuous flow of water,

how beautiful it is to be amazed again, and to fly, once more…

the path of play and enjoymenT