empathy is that curious capacity to be able to put oneself, with relative ease, in the shoes of the other, much easier to enunciate than to practice, because «the other» sometimes has shoes with wheels, with holes, with a floor deformed by his gait, bunioned by a bunion, he is a pronator, she is a supinator, and I have cavus feet,
I think you’re going to find his shoes hard to fit into.

that is why the next word, compassion, big sister of empathy, and we are not talking about compader-se, but about feeling passion with, we are going to leave it for later, on a path that explores this capacity to feel the other from the heart.
and returning to the shoes we started with, we have to be grateful that it is only putting myself in the other’s shoes, especially if we consider how difficult it can be to carry our own backpack of life, with its beliefs, its apprehensions, its mental maps, its eyes and its way of looking, its pre-judgements and its post-judgements, not to forget a couple of wounds or 3 that have left their mark, in the body and emotionally,
it’s a good thing we only have to step into their shoes, isn’t it?
Do you know many people who are empathetic, who feel more than think, because empathy has more to do with listening to the heart than to reason, who listen without judging, without giving advice, without projecting their beliefs or values, who respect you without foisting their recipes on you, who know how to accompany you at the right distance that you need today?

empathy for your aunt, we already imagined it, we already imagined it.


in an ideal world, in any situation with any person, if I were you?
… I would think what you feel, I would feel what you feel, I would do what you have done or are doing.

the path of heart