courage is a capacity that has a lot to do, in the normal dictionary of people, with bravery, with daring, and it is one of the words that resonates most in the U-theory, at the breaking point of the U, at that lower point where the line loses its continuity,
sometimes it takes a special kind of courage to take a step forward, in the midst of uncertainty, when it is not certain that beyond that step there is solid ground, somehow we are leaving behind an old world to enter the unknown,
we are accepting a singular challenge, there is something we have to let go of, surely a past that does not mostly satisfy us, but to which we have become comfortable, it has become our space of security, and there is something further ahead that we want to let come,
Funny, as we evoke this capacity, the images of a few heroes come to mind,
Frodo (a halfling accepting the burden of the ring of power, in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series),

or Aragorn (a man, heir to a royal lineage, turned into a rider, who confronts the Dark Lord in the third instalment of the saga, The Return of the King, by entering a gorge from which no man has ever returned alive),

in this act, parrying the sword-stroke of a wraith, the rider becomes the King to come, that is the Return of the King,
the image of Hernán Cortés, who decides to sink the ships, in a clear gesture, there will be no turning back, the future is ahead,
Julius Caesar, with his decision to cross the rubicon, and his famous phrase, alea jacta est, the die is cast,
and images keep coming to us, such as that of Alexander the Great’s Gordian knot, a knot that is impossible to unravel, and whose mystery holds the conquest of the East,
Samson smashing the pillars of the temple, at the cost of his own life,
David with Goliath, the famous fable of the small against the big, which we little ones love so much,
gee, courage is the virtue of the hero…
a courage that symbolizes our ability to take a step forward in times of uncertainty, if you want we leave you with a few phrases that have something to do with that ability to let the new become present in our lives.

I do not seek, I find – Pablo Picasso

painting is stronger than me, it always gets me to do what it wants – Pablo Picasso.
and we return to the point where we started, to the courage that is needed down there, at the breaking point in the U theory, that point where 2 acronyms appear, OW, Open Will, a new capacity, to be discovered, that has a lot to do with Mary’s phrase,
Thy will be done in me, or let it be done in me according to thy word,
a phrase in which we recognise ourselves as a necessary channel for what is to come.

the path of consciousness