we wanted to miss the pro-activity, that curious capacity, so characteristic of the healthy adult being, the paradigm of TRANSformation, because little can be done without activating our energy and our ability to do, that’s why it is the first habit of highly effective people, of the 7 habits of Covey, the ability that puts us the batteries,
or put another way, the energy source of our doing, how curious that after several years reading, listening and telling stories of proactivity we wanted to miss this interesting capacity, our ability to do … more, without anyone out there asking us to do it, by our own personal will,
and we began to glimpse examples of this capacity, the virtue of the tired, dale que te pego, dale que te pego, in favour of activity, fundamental for the TRANSformer.
Prolific (prolific) or multifaceted characters, indomitable curiosities that in adulthood do not stop researching and producing, if you want we can leave you with a couple of sentences, 3 or 4 to start with
Action is the foundational key to all success – Pablo Picasso

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working – Pablo Picasso

It is better to do and regret it than not to do and regret it – Niccolo Machiavelli
I cannot stop working. I shall have all eternity to rest. – Teresa of Calcutta
Within this list of proactive people we have Picasso, Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci, Corín Tellado or Lope de Vega, maybe you can guess why we mentally associate them with this quality, and surely you can give us a few more phrases, images and profiles related to pro-activity.
he who stumbles and does not fall, takes a step forward.
the step was not made to rest on, but to move on to the next one.
a compass does not dispense with rowing.

the path of consciousness