that door to the capacity of observation, he constantly wonders about everything, he questions everything, is it really as I have been told?

Vicky the Viking is apparently weak and fearful in a world where strength is the only important thing. Faced with any setback or threat, he always uses his ingenuity to find a different way of doing things, he analyses from an angle from where no one else is looking. His process always has two phases: 1/Observation; 2/Reflection (Nose); 3/Resolution (Aha of «I’ve got it»).
And if we continue in this Viking capacity, we can find ourselves, a few years later with How to Train My Dragon, another film in which the character investigates everything that his elders take for granted, and have taught him, «Don’t go near, danger of death».


curious curiosity allows itself to try and fail, to try and get it right, it is relatively detached from the result, what it loves is the journey, and it allows itself to travel.
Curiosity is also the capacity of great adventurers, researchers and scientists. Can you imagine Sherlock Holmes, Marco Polo or Madame Curie without an ounce of curiosity? I don’t know why I don’t think so, dear Watson.

I look back in my family history and I find my grandfather José, who looked up the dictionary every time he came across a word he didn’t know, or Silvia’s interest in researching her family tree.
Who is curious around you, do you dare to search?

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