notes and colour notes:

I am responsible for my actions and their consequences, I do not shirk what I have to do or what I have done,
Neo in the Matrix (when he chooses between the blue or the red pill),

Neo, run, but what does he do? … he has begun to believe.

it is fate that shuffles the cards, it is we who play (William Shakespeare)

el destino es el que baraja las cartas, somos nosotros los que jugamos (William Shakespeare)

nature gives you the face you have at 20, at 50 it’s up to you – Coco Chanel,
associated characters: Neo (Matrix), Leonidas (300), Martin Luther King (I have a dream),
these are the initial notes on which I start to compose, and continue,
responsibility = ability to respond,
so different from immediate reaction, in a stimulus-response cycle, a definition that sticks in the subconscious, I listen to the recording of Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,
and I find two resources from past times, exclusion of responsibility, co-responsibility and barter, 2 resources that have not seen the light of day until today, and that speak of responsibility, this quality that is part of this path.

and for you, what does the word responsibility represent?

from organisations with spirit and heart we are committed to the development of the 3ple path of individuals, groups and organisations, with 3 sets of capacities that are represented by 3 words,
curiosity – compassion – courage,
3 words that synthesise 3 openings, open-mindedness, open-heartedness and open-willedness, 3 words that summarise 3 sets of characteristics, related to 3 areas of personal, group and organisational development, because
1. curiosity is the key to group creativity in innovative organisations,
2. compassion is the gateway to healthy groups and healthy organisations,
3. courage is the key to accountability in excellent organisations.

7 emotions is a model of emotional responsibility cc inspired by the rainbow, Goethe’s colour theory, Otto Scharmer’s U theory, a model that we share from this link.
we wish you love and healthy pride for the development of trusting environments, and we send you 3 hugs, full of curiosity, compassion and courage, may the road find us,
happy year and bon voyage.

the path of consciousness