play and enjoyment

play and enjoyment contain several words that are closely related.
well, it’s rather the opposite, they leave a couple of words loose, like fun, lightness, the unconscious connection with a passion, something we love to do, and that maybe when we grow up we will recognise within a larger category, our capacity to enter into processes of fluidity.
but let’s go back a little, to those images of our childhood that speak of the pleasure of doing things without any expectation, without a result, of those afternoons when we played dolls, or cowboys, when we were absorbed in playing kitchenettes, we cut our dolls’ hair, or spent the afternoon with a cardboard box and a string, or kicking a ball around.
And we go back to that time when we enjoyed ourselves, absorbed in the cartoons of our childhood, did we laugh at them or with them, who cares, and we revisit those crazy examples of the coyote and roadrunner, the flintstones, the pink panther, what are the playful heroes of your adolescence, what are the playful heroes of your older life, what are the playful heroes of your older life?
because where in childhood we have the silly hero, in adolescence we have another hero with whom we can laugh, and the figure of the clown appears, Charles Chaplin, the Marx brothers, the fat and the skinny, or the buffoon, who knows why the image of Tirion Lannister from the series Game of Thrones comes to mind, perhaps because I feel that in play and enjoyment the character or the doll experiences a high degree of a greater quality, freedom.

who knows why I connect here with Captain Sparrow, and other heroes of my older age who change the rules of the world, because in play and enjoyment we allow ourselves to experiment with other realities to come.

in play we are free, spontaneous, often innocent, and play defies the imposed rules of the ordinary world, the law of gravity no longer applies to us.

and we leave for a later stage the application of this capacity, which hopefully one day will become present in our lives, that wonderful sensation of fluidity, in which time collapses, and everything happens in an instant, or an instant is lived in slow motion, in some cases with a strange sensation of anticipation of what is to come, and of capacity.

Can you think of more examples nearby where life becomes play, and we get in touch with our gift, and passion connects us with fluidity?


the path of play and enjoymenT