care and protection

this cub, who when he grows up will be a lion, the king of the jungle, or a lioness, the queen, today needs an older reference, who welcomes him, who cares for him, who protects him, who accompanies him on his way to growing up, who accompanies him in his first steps, and in his second, and in his third if he is a human being, so clumsy.
And the imagination takes us beyond the mother lion, so protective of her cubs and her territory, to other caretaker elements in the history of cinema, such as C3P0, the butler designed to look after and accompany him, so penny-pinching and so inopportune, and R2D2, the robot who supposedly isn’t there for that, but who with his intelligence gets young Luke out of 1000 and one predicaments.

Or the figure of Sam, the indefatigable companion of his friend Frodo, so dedicated, so self-sacrificing, so faithful.

What other images and stories can you give us of this quality so typical of the mother?

the path of heart