respect is one of those trapping qualities, so much so that at the beginning we classified it in the group of the healthy adult being, and little by little we migrated it to the protective and nurturing mother, perhaps here we will explain why.
respect, in a broad meaning of the term, beyond the education we have to be polite and «polite» (politically correct), brings us closer to the vibration of accepting the alter as it is, as it thinks, as it says or does.
respect in capital letters has everything to do with accepting the other as they are, and accepting, as well as appreciating, has a lot to do with the nature of loving, so foolishly, from that image of unconditional acceptance of the other, we bring respect closer to the mother, and to the way of the heart.

in the images of yesterday, today and always that vibrate in this energy we join with snow white, unconditional of the 7 dwarfs, so different, as good brothers, Obi Wan Kenobi, teacher and mentor of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

and we re-contact with the parable of the prodigal son, and that father who accepts and welcomes the son who returns home, was free to leave and is free to return.
respect is especially interesting when our differences emerge, in the form of diversity, men and women, old and young, white, red, black and yellow, of this or that religion, because it is easy to get to know him, in the same way and to the same extent that I get to know myself.

how nice it is when we get to know our elders, and the former teacher has become a mentor today.
a colourful note for an education reconverted into learning processes,
what is a child for you, a cup to be filled or a blank canvas with a story to write?

and who knows why, with these images of Obi Wan young and old, teacher and mentor, and this colour note related to education, the image of Maria Montessori appears, and these 9 phrases for the development of the autonomy and the being of the child.
and a sentence…
He governs best who governs least. – Lao Tse –

the path of heart