equanimity has at least two approaches, one more mental, more rational, which implies equal treatment of both, and a second approach, which has more to do with emotion and responses of the heart, which speak of that capacity which implies equal encouragement in winning and losing,
a way of being in life that helps us to distinguish the automatic reaction, or conditioned response of the animal from the response that distances itself from external conditioning,
and allows us to develop that way of being in the world, calm, measured, non-explosive, conciliatory.

Perhaps you can give us an image of that inner tranquillity, calm waters, in the face of so many turbulent waters, who knows why the image of Nelson Mandela, president of South Africa after countless years in prison, in a space of 4 square metres, or of Morpheus, from the Matrix saga, with his unconditional faith in Neo, the chosen one, is so big for us.

Perhaps we are struck by their «distance» or emotional tranquillity.
The words balance or temperance can also resonate within you.

«Beyond the night that covers me black as the unfathomable abyss, I thank the gods that could exist for my unconquered soul. – In the random clutches of circumstance I have never mourned nor blinked an eyelid. – Subjected to the blows of fate my head is bloodied, but upright. – Beyond this place of anger and tears where the Horror of the Shadow lies, the menace of the years finds me, and will find me, unafraid. – No matter how narrow the gateway, how laden with punishments the sentence, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.»

the path of consciousness