loyalty and solidarity

this capacity, loyalty, has been left out of the first two laps of the 3ple camino, so we have no choice but to thank this entry from Leonardo Boff’s blog, Jesus is still crucified in today’s suffering women,

for this look that leads us to pay attention there, who knows why the look is accompanied by this image of a fried egg with a heart-shaped yolk, a drawing that evokes Covey’s double circle of proactivity,

the circle of influence, inside, and the circle of concern, outside, and this curious grey colour of the shadow, as the sun is up there on the left a shadow is drawn in grey to the right,

and I feel loyalty as this circle of influence that is drawn from the shadow, I am not the protagonist of the film, I am not the artist of the track, the focus does not fall directly on me, rather I am the accompanying presence,

and I connect with the figure of Sam, Frodo’s inseparable friend in the Lord of the Rings, I think of the figure of the faithful gardener, what a beautiful film, in which a British diplomat, let’s say grey, is loyal to a fault to his partner,

in the same way that I connect with Tomato, Lightning McQueen’s ramshackle friend, here the image is almost grotesque, a crane, a friend of a luxury sports car, a crane that is capable of accompanying it to infinity and beyond,

and without wanting to, I become a friend of loyalty, of that figure that doesn’t suck the spotlight and accompanies you, takes care of you, loves you, of that way of being in the world that in the social sphere opens up in the form of companionship and solidarity,

and there, from that word, the figure emerges alone, with Lech Walesa,

trade unionist and human rights activist, co-founder of Solidarity, the first free trade union in the Eastern Bloc, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1983, president of Poland from 1990 to 1995,

and it takes me unwittingly to the new world, with another president of similar origins, Lula da Silva, president of the Federative Republic of Brazil from 2003 to 2010, founding member and honorary president of the Workers’ Party (PT),

and I am left thinking, this comradeship and solidarity seems to be a heritage of the working class and the oppressed, and of the bad football teams, those that do not have the presence of Messi or Ronaldo.

So we saw it…

and I look at a different world, beyond the football of the bad teams and the working class unions and politicians, and I can’t help but come across the Sustainable Development Goals,

17 boxes in which I enter from the defence of human rights, starting with 1, the end of poverty, followed by 2, zero hunger, with 3, health and well-being, and 4, quality education,

yes, we are talking about solidarity from the most basic needs, to 17, alliances to achieve the goals, the one I personally like the most, the most transversal, transformative and ecosystemic,

and I embrace the violet border that circumscribes today’s image, with this silhouette that is not a circle, but a monicker, violet that has everything to do, in the code of 7 emotions, with the energy of doing together, communal, a doing that is not rupturist, it is not about re-evolution, it is rather about TRANSFORMING doing, it is about bringing the new together in the world, it is EVOLUTION, with our necessary participation,

an action that is not rupturist, it is not about re-evolution, it is rather TRANSforming action, it is about bringing the new together in the world, it is EVOLUTION, with our necessary participation, with our best intentions.

and I look for inspiring phrases from Lula da Silva, from Lech Walesa, from Tomato and from the faithful gardener, and I find several,

if it is for that crime, that of taking the poor to university, the blacks; that the poor can buy a car, go by plane, … If that is the crime I committed, I will continue to be a criminal in this country, because I will do much more.

Lula da Silva

I never thought that putting a plate of food on a poor person’s plate would generate so much hatred in an elite that is fed up with throwing food in the rubbish every day.

Lula da Silva

It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of impotence prevail.

Lech Walesa

For you, which person is the perfect image of loyalty or solidarity?

and I read another sentence from Lula, which I haven’t found from Tomate,

I am not going to stop because I am no longer a human being, I am an idea, an idea mixed with his idea.

Lula da Silva

and I ask myself if we can also be loyal to causes and ideas, and another image comes to me from a film, BraveHeart, and the story of William Wallace, Keeper of Scotland, yes, of course we can be loyal to an idea.

I cannot be accused of being a traitor to something I never swore allegiance to.

William Wallace

Your heart is free… have the courage to listen to it.

William Wallace

how curious these bridges that carry us, from bridge to bridge, and I pull because the current carries me, from loyalty to freedom, how beautiful when we are loyal to ourselves (who am I?) and to our Work (what is my Work?),

Open Will to my great choice and to my sense of life.

the path of heart